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Sterek Fem!Stiles
  • Fem!Stiles)) Derek, you busy? -SS

  • Not really. -DH

  • Can you come pick me up and take me to the loft? -SS

  • Why? -DH

  • My dad found out about... Everything. -SS

  • Everything? -DH

  • Everything. -SS

  • Werewolves, your spark.. me and you? -DH

  • Everything, well, no I take that back, he doesn't know it's you, he just... Knows I'm seeing some one. -SS

  • Well that's a little less.. bad I guess. -DH

  • Yeah, I'll come get you. Your place I presume? -DH

  • Yeah... I'll meet you outside. -SS

  • Alright. Be there in a few. -DH

  • Thanks Derek. I just can't be here right now. -SS

  • I know, I get it. We'll go to that restaurant the next town over, get some milkshakes and some lunch. -DH

  • You're the best. I've been really craving one of their strawberry milkshakes. -SS

  • Yeah yeah. I'll be right there Stiles. -DH

  • I'm already waiting for you. By the lamppost. -SS

  • I see you. -DH

  • Derek pulled up to the lamppost and unlocked the doors, rolling down the windows. "Get in." He said, sunglasses on his face and his leather jacket on the back of the passenger seat.

  • Stiles was standing in one of her baggy hoodies and one of Derek's grey t-shirts she had stollen once. She opened the door and slipped into the passenger seat, quickly closing the door. She leaned and kissed his cheek lightly. "Again, you're the best..."

  • "So I've been told." He rolled up the window with one hand while rubbing his nose against her jawline. "You okay?" He whispered, sliding his hand over to rest on Stiles' thigh.

  • "We can tLk about it later, milkshakes first..." She mumbled slightly, reaching her own hand to lightly grip at his own. She offered him a small smile and settled back in the seat, clicking the seatbelt on.

  • Derek watched her for a moment before nodding, squeezing her hand as he did a U turn and drove out of the neighborhood.

  • She sighed softly and looked out the window as they drove away from her home. She settled her purse on the ground before lacing her fingers with Derek's looking over to him.

  • Derek rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb, lifting their hands and kissing her knuckles.

  • The small gesture made her smile more and she sighed happily. "You are just a big softie, you know that?" She mumbled softly, her honey brown eyes bright as they looked over his face.

  • Derek's cheeks flushed a little as he kissed her knuckles again, "It calmed your heart rate, decreased your anxiety." Derek pointed out.

  • She chuckled and her thumb moved to gently caress against his scratchy cheek. "You're still a big sweet cuddle wolf. You forget we've shared a bed, dopey. You cuddle in your sleep."

  • "It's instinct," He explained, "Even in sleep, my number one priority is you."

  • "Still sweet. And you will never get me to believe otherwise." She hummed and looked back out her window, gripping to his hand more.

  • "I know." Derek whispered, kissing her hand again with a tiny smile on his face.

  • She smiled more, feeling the small curl of his lips against her skin and she looked over to him. "Gosh, do you know how much I love you?"

  • "I don't know," Derek glanced at her for half a second before looking towards the road as they merged onto the highway. "You tell me."

  • She couldn't help but laugh softly and leaned to lightly peck one of his scruffy cheeks. "I love you more than all of the fuzzy butted baby puppies ever. You are the only fuzzy butt for me."

  • "Fuzzy butt?" Derek groaned, "Seriously Stiles?"

  • "Oh shut up, you love the pet names.... Pun intended." She snickered.

  • Derek lowly growled, playfully biting her fingers.

  • She giggled happily and lightly poked his nose with one of his fingers. "No, bad puppy. No nibbles."

  • Derek looked over at her and slowly braked. "Shut up." He said quietly, leaning over and kissing her lips since traffic wasn't moving at the moment.

  • She couldn't help but giggle against his lips and smile. Derek always made her smile. She returned the kiss happily, her other hand reaching to scratch at his prickly beard.

  • Derek pulled back with a smile, leaning over to peck her lips again.

  • She smiled and met him halfway, all but knocking their faces together.

  • Derek chuckled as he moved away, since traffic was moving again.

  • She looked back out the window and smiled as she saw the familiar town and her favorite restaurant coming up.

  • Derek smiled as well, pulling into the parking lot and quickly finding a place to park. He turned off the car and faced her. "Hey."

  • She looked over to him and smiled just a bit more to him. "Hey yourself." She hummed and leaned to press her nose against his. "Hungry?"

  • "A bit." Derek whispered, rubbing their noses together faintly. "Are you wearing my shirt under that hoodie?" He asked, teasing the human.

  • "You and your freaking nose..." She blushed slightly and unzipped her hoodie slowly. "Yes..." She smiled and pecked his lips.

  • Derek kissed back, "Why do you always steal my shirts?" Not that he was complaining or anything.

  • "Oh fuff, you love it when I smell like you." She smiled and moved to get out of the car, grabbing her purse from the floor.

  • Derek got out of the car as well, shutting his door and waiting for her beside the trunk.

  • She hurried around her side and smiled to him happily. "Shall we then?"

Sterek Family AU
  • (Future AU, Established Relationship) Stiles let out a grunt, burying his face into the pillow and try to ignore the insistent bouncing on his bed. He tried his best to go back to sleep but it was rather impossible when the surface you’re sleeping on is treated like a trampoline. He shifted out of his hiding place, trying to open his heavy eye-lids and look tiredly at his smiling daughter who was sitting on his leg. “Derek, tell your daughter to go back to bed please” Stiles mumbled, kicking the lump next to him.

  • Derek's face scrunched up a bit and he nuzzled his nose and scruffy cheek against the pale column of Stiles' throat, his strong arms holding him tighter around the waist as he grumbled. He loved their daughter, but he was still very tired and didn't want to be up yet. "Any time before seven, she's your daughter...." He grumbled, but it was in a fond tone.

  • Stiles rolled his eyes, picking up the toddler into his arms while she squirmed and giggle. "Morning, baby" He cooed, blowing rhasberry into her cheek, making her squeal loudly. "And I can't believe you just quote The Lion King to me" Stiles said, turning to Derek with an arch eyebrow

  • Stiles rolled his eyes, picking up the toddler into his arms while she squirmed and giggle. "Morning, baby" He cooed, blowing rhasberry into her cheek, making her squeal loudly. "And I can't believe you just quote The Lion King to me" Stiles said, turning to Derek with an arch eyebrow

  • Derek's hazel eyes were open and looking to the pair with warm eyes as he groaned and moved to sit up, stretching his back muscles. He leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to their daughters forehead, nosing at her soft hair gently. "You've rubbed off on me."

  • ((Sorry, it won't show me typing.))

  • Stiles chuckled as she reached up and made grabby hands at Derek's stubble. "In the best possible way I'm sure" He said, wagging his eyebrow, shifting up their baby girl in his arms so she can successfully grab his husband's face.

  • ((It's okay ^^))

  • Derek gave him a look before his eyes fell back down to the bright eyes of their daughter. He held her close to his chest and leaned his face down to let her touch her soft hands against his beard. "Baby girl, it's early, what are you doing up..?" His voice was a soft and gentle tone he only used around Stiles and their daughter, blowing a light raspberry against one of her pudgy cheek. "Are you like your daddy, a little monster..?" He hummed fondly.

  • Did you get that?))

  • The little girl beamed up at him "Uncle 'cott and Aunty Ally are coming over soon. I just want to make sure you don't sleep in." She said, sounding almost too smart for her own age. " You guys always sleep late, especially on weekends" Stiles coughed down the chuckled in his throat as she pouted up at Derek. "You have your father for that, honey" He said, shooting Derek a smirk.

  • ((Yeah))

  • *to thanks for that

  • Derek looked to her and groaned softly, remembering the other pair would be coming over and he looked back over to Stiles, huffing softly. "And you have your daddy to blame for it too." He kissed her head lightly. "Well, we're up now.. Now, how about we go down and daddy will make pancakes and eggs okay?"

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  • ((Kay))

  • "Kay" She beamed, squirming out of his hold and darted out of the door, leaving the two behind. Stiles chuckled before turning to the other. "Morning, Grumpy Wolf" He snickered, shifting closer to Derek's side.

  • Derek scrubbed a hand across his face before wrapping an arm around Stiles and leaning over him, pressing a light kiss to his temple. "I think I'd prefer not hinting about our sex life in front of our daughter, Stiles." He huffed fondly though and pressed one more kiss to his cheek before moving to get up.

  • "She's gonna know that eventually. Doubt she'll buy the story of the stork dropping her off on our doorstep when she's 20." Stiles said, stretching up and expose his naked torso to the cool air.

  • Derek sighed and stretched his shoulders before looking back to Stiles. "That doesn't mean she needs to know now." He pulled his pants on before leaning back over and burying his nose back in the crook of Stiles' neck, scenting him with a deep rumble in his chest.

  • Stiles let out a giggle, threading his fingers through Derek's hair. "Think we have enough time for a quickie before she shout for us to come down?" He asked, breathing hotly on Derek's ear.

  • Derek growled against his neck as his arms wound back around his waist. He drug his tongue up the side of neck before mumbling in his ear. "No, because I have to go make a toddler pancakes." He hummed teasingly in his ear before letting him go to retrieve a shirt

  • Stiles pouted, swinging his leg off the bed and putting on a pair of pants before following his husband out the room. He let out a yawn as he padded into the kitchen and their daughter beamed up at them ."Pancakes!"

  • Derek stretched his arms out as he walked into the kitchen and offered a smile to her. "Why don't you help set the table for us all to eat there, huh baby girl?" He hummed and moved to get the pancake mix and all the things he'd need to make them, turning the stove on.

  • "Kay" She said back in return before jumping down the chair and getting their dishes while Stiles dropped himself on the stool near the counter and laid half of his body on the cool, marble surface. "Coffee..."He groaned out muffily.

  • Derek put the grounds in the machine and turned it on. "Don't get your panties in a bunch." He mumbled to him with a small smirk. "I'm getting it." He then moved to mix up the batter, though not without patting Stiles' head. He looked over to their daughter. "Laura, be careful, don't take more than you can hold okay?" He warned her.

  • He let out a half-hearted grunt and pretend to swat Derek's hand away when he heard their daughter's chirpy reply and continued to nuzzle his head onto the surface. Stiles only let out a hum of satisfaction when the smell of coffee reached his nose "Mmm..."

  • Derek sighed and made Stiles' coffee as he waited for the pan to heat up, setting the hot mug next to Stiles' hand before gently nudging it with his own. "Here you go, you zombie.." He chuckled before moving to poor the batter into the pan. His family brought out the more affectionate, cuddly side of him.

  • Lifting his head up, Stiles let out a purr when he inhaled the coffee deeply. "Have I told you that I love you today? Cause I love you . So, so much" He grinned at Derek's direction, making Laura giggle when she sat down beside him.

  • Derek chuckled and took a deep breath when the smell of cooking pancakes began to fill the kitchen air and he looked back to Stiles. "Glad to see I can please you by making you coffee." He flipped the first two pancakes.

  • You there?))


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Omegaverse Sterek
  • You both like Sterek.

  • ((Omegaverse, past Mpreg.)) Stiles left Beacon Hills to go to college, to get a life, and education and make a name for himself. He left his friends behind, his dad... Derek. He had left his old life to get a new one, not that he didn't contact them every holiday with a cars or an email, he just... He didn't tell the everything. When Stiles left,he didn't mean to take a piece of Beacon Hills with him, or, more a piece of Derek with him. Nearly ten months after he left Beacon Hills for Maine, he gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. It was hard, raising her in his cheap apartment, while trying to finish his education, but after three ling years, he graduated, top of his class mind you, and managed to raise little Laura with only the best. Now... He finished typing out the mass email to all of his friends and family in Beacon Hills that he was coming home with a surprise. He sighed heavily and stepped into the airport with his back on his back, her suitcase in one hand and he held the sleeping toddler on his other hip. He hoped things would be okay.

  • (Angel!Stiles, Established Relationship) So. Uh, hypothetically speaking. What would you say if I told you I wasn't necessarily human? -SS

  • ((Wait))

  • ((Answering yours! You won't see me typing))

  • Okay!))

  • Derek always felt.. Different, after Stiles left. Despite the hurt, the anger and the pain, he felt like an actual piece fmof him was stretched across the country. Which shouldn't happen, right? That isn't normal. Stiles left with barely a word, that should have been the end of it. But for these three years, he feels like there's something he's missing. Something he should know, that should be /here/. Ever since the Omega left, Derek's been angry and irritable and really, nobody has wanted to be around him for longer than necessary. When he heard his phone go off, Derek frowned because nobody contacted him. Nobody texted him, only called him if he was absolutely needed. As Derek opened up the email, he almost dropped the phone in shock. Because Stiles was coming. Here. Back to Beacon Hills, and he included Derek in that message. Without even thinking about it, Derek moved to the group 'Pack' message, and told them all not to offer to pick him up. They knew what Stiles leaving did to him, they woldnt go against that. This would be so much better for everybody, to have their pack back together no matter how brief it may be. Moving back to the email, Derek opened up a reply. [Glad to see you're coming back, the pack misses you. Do you and your surprise need a ride? -Derek]

  • Stiles had finished registering for the plane when he heard his phone go off, effectively waking the small child sitting on his lap. He nuzzled the top of her head gently and rocked her slowly back I to a content doze before he looked to his phone. He had to swallow his heart back down into his chest when he saw that it was Derek. He sighed shakily as he thought it over. It would be nice to show Derek Laura first but... He had no idea just how Derek would take it. As soon as he found out about Laura, he had to fight every instinct in his body not to call Derek or his dad and tell them. He wanted to get his education over with, wanted to get it done so he could get a job and take care of her. And he had done just that, he graduated. Soon he'd get a job, and now it was time for everyone else to know about her. He sighed shakily before typing out on his phone, giving in to his desire. {Yeah, that'd be awesome. Cabs there were always too expensive for my liking. -Stiles}

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  • Internet, not email. Whoops.))

  • ((Haha, it's cool. Can do!)) Derek would like to say that he didn't sit on the couch and stare at his phone, and only that. But he would be lying if he tried to say that. Stiles may not be back just get, but he was coming. Derek felt that constant tug, that nagging feeling in his head settle just slightly so. It felt weird not to have a constant headache. Derek almost jumped as his phone went off, taking a moment to sigh at himself because he was acting like a teenage girl. He's only giving Stiles and this unknown surprise a ride. Although, knowing Derek's luck, this surprise was that Stiles got mated and brought the mate. Derek could explain how much he hopes that wasn't so. Derek pulled up another reply, smiling ever so slightly because there wasn't any argument. [No reason to pay for a cab, anyway. Tell me when your flight lands and I'll be there. -Derek]. Now all he had to do was wait. And maybe clean, or just do anything to keep his mind off the fact that he was seeing Stiles today.

  • Stiles felt a small eagerness growing in the pit of his stomach now. He would see Derek first, out of all of the pack, and Derek would see Laura first. Oh, it made him both incredibly excited that this was going to happen... And yet terrified him at the same time. He groaned and looked down to Laura and smiled just a little more as he moved to kiss her head softly. He couldn't help but love that she inherited looks from both of them. She had Derek's dark hair and his pale skin, and she even had a beauty mark on her upper lip. But what he loved the most was the fact that she got Derek's beautiful hazel green eyes. He nuzzled her gently before he picked her up as his group was called to get into the plane. {Sure, no prob. I should be landing in about six hours. I'll see you then. Okay? -Stiles}

  • Derek smiled as his phone pinged, the fact that Stiles was actually coming here and wasn't opposed to seeing him first finally settling in. Derek wasn't use to somebody contacting him where it wasn't needed, but he could get use to it. Because this constant migraine was going to /finally/ settle. Derek pulled up a simple reply with a [I'll be there. -Derek] and a reminder of his phone, Derek did.. Well, everything he could to distract himself for six hours. Meh read a book. He cleaned the newly renovated house. There was still two hours left. With a sigh, Derek moved out to his car and started the drive two hours early because maybe the plane would be early. Hopefully. Derek parked inside the visitors parking lot, and walked into the airport with his book in tow. Not like he would be able to even read a single paragraph with the nerves running trough his body, his wary racing. Right now, he felt like a damn teenager waiting for his first date. When it wasn't that, not at all. It was a friend picking up another friend and his surprise. If Derek could even count as a friend, let alone pack.

  • Stiles was jittery on the plane. He was so happy that Laura was asleep for most if the flight and when she was awake, she was easily sated when he gave her her little coloring book and crayons, bringing the small try down from the back of the seat infront of her. She would smile happily at him and he didn't mind it when she giggled happily at him and called him dada and babbled her new words. It really made him proud to see how far he came with her, all on his own... But maybe not for long. When she would fall asleep and he'd put the crayons away, he'd sit and think about maybe if Derek didn't hate him... Maybe they could be a family, and it made him laugh a little... Papa Derek Hale. When the plane landed, about an hour early, he was allowed to be one of the first people off, since he had a small child with him. He smiled warmly to the woman when she helped him with his bags. When he was able to hold everything, he picked up his sleepy daughter, who was confused about where they were and babbled questions at him. He stepped off the plane with a shaky sigh and began to walk out of the gate. He sat down the bag and pulled his phone out to message Derek. {Hey, I landed! All safe and sound. -Stiles}

  • Derek busied himself with pretty much anything he could. He watched flights come in, saw people reunited, and he's discovered that airports are pretty much the best please to people watch, and full of so many different kinds of people, most too busy to even notice that he was watching. Derek put his phone on vibrate, so when his phone went off he gave a small jump, quickly taking it out of his pocket and reading the message with a shaky breath. He was right here, and that buzzing headache was almost completely gone with the fact that he was almost within touching distance. Derek didn't bother replying, instead moving towards the recently landed flight gates, saw that there was only one so.. Here goes nothing. Sticking the small book in his back pocket, Derek moved to the gate just as people were leaving, an older Stiles the first one out. To be honest, Derek would later realize that he didn't see a child because he was too busy staring at Stiles. He was older, matured and still as gorgeous as ever. His body was more filled out, toned, the angles on his face even sharper. He looked more happy than he was when Derek last saw him after that night.. Then Derek noticed the little girl. Derek's body froze up, his eyes going wide as everything just.. Stopped. The headache dissipated, the constant tug finished just like that and Derek knew the answer to the question that was on his lips.

  • Stiles was bouncing her gently when she gave a small yawn and began to wake up fully from the long flight, and there was a warm smile on his lips as he pressed a gentle kiss to her temple, earning a soft giggle from the toddler as he cared for her. He then looked around a bit and picked the bag back up as he moved toward the seats nearby, might was well take a seat while he waited for- He looked around a bit and he stopped when he saw the other. He also tensed up, looking to Derek and his heart sped up quickly, leaping up into his throat and he had to swallow it back down. He looked back to Laura and then to Derek before he nodded just a little before he finally took the steps over to Derek.

  • Derek watched the other as he answered the silent question that was running through his head, and this made absolutely no sense. It couldn't be his. Stiles /left/. He wouldn't do that, go through a pregnancy without the Alpha who was involved, wouldn't do that to Derek. No wonder this damn headache has been here since Stiles left. A part of his pack, a part of /him/ was away from him, living without him and Derek didn't even know what to say as Stiles walked up to him. He needed the words said out on the open. "Is she.." Derek trailed off, cleaning his throat as he stared between the little girl and Stiles, unsure of who to look at first. Derek wasn't even angry. He was hurt. Hurt over the fact that whatever Derek did made the other want to stay away from him, for tree years without telling him they had a child. Derek couldn't decide between running, screaming, or pulling Stkles and the girl close to make sure they never leave him again.

  • Stiles looked to Derek and it wasn't hard to read that Derek was hurting, bad. And Stiles did that. He couldn't face the other, he looked to the girl in his arms, who opened her little eyes and looked up to Derek with those matching hazel eyes. There were tears in the honey brown eyes in Stiles' head as he looked up to Derek and clear his throat a bit before speaking in a small, broken voice. "Derek, I'd like you meet Laura Anna Hale... Your daughter.." He couldn't look to the other when he told him. He expected screaming, or yelling, or anything... Everything, for Derek to hate him and everything about him... But he wasn't ready for it.

  • Did you get that?))

  • Derek was too busy looking at the girl- /Laura/- to see Stiles, his own eyes staring into the ones that were almost identical to his, the words Stiles was saying burning into his brain permanently, because this was happening. Derek has a child. With Stiles. For three years, without knowing. This little girl barely even knows of his existence and she's three years old, and Derek feels like a failure. There was also the fact that Stiles was crying, and his guilt was just adding up the heavy guilt weight on him. Living that they were almost blocking the gate, Derek reached out for Stiles' elbow, moving the pair aside as he tried to find the right words. Without even thinking about it, Derek reached out and wiped the few tears that fell, his head shaking in disbelief. "Just.. Why? What did I do?" Derek asked, his brows furrowed as he tried to rack through his head why Stiles would be so offended that he left with his child. Stiles would know what that would do to his wolf, this constant guilt like he wasn't taking care of his pack, his daughter. He failed, for three years.

  • ((I'm sorry for the delayed response!))

  • Stiles looked up to Derek in shock when he heard those words and he almost grabbed the other and pulled him in for a hug, but he only reached his free hand up to catch the others hand and hold it to his cheek with a shaky sigh. "Nothing... This was all my fault.. I didn't know until I had gone, about her... And if I left then.. If I told anyone, I'd have to leave and I'd never get an education, or anything... No one else knows about her Derek. Not even my dad..." He sighed softly and let a few more tears slip. "Or Scott.." He whimpered softly. "... You can hate me, everything about me but.. But please.. I love you, I do... And I know she'll love you just as much.." He looked up to Derek with small pleading eyes. "... I want her to have a father, a real family.." He gripped to Derek's hand. Laura looked to Stiles and reached up her other hand with small, gold eyes to wipe away at the boys tears. "No cry, Dada..." She mumbled softly, looking up tonDerek. "No make dada cry.." She pouted and glared with golden eyes at Derek. Stiles looked to his-their- daughter and nuzzled her gently. "Laura, honey no... It's okay..."

  • Did my internet cut us off?))

  • Derek listened quietly, waiting as patiently as he could because Stiles needed to say this. It's been three years, building up and probably bursting because of course Stiles would blame himself. Stiles would always blame himself first. When he heard the angry words, Derek shook his head softly at Stiles, the pad of his thumb rubbing Stiles' cheekbone. "No, she's right," Derek murmured, because he had a lot of damage control to do and this was already a bad first meeting of his daughter. "I'm sorry for making your dad cry. I shouldn't do that. And he should also know that I could never hate him, no matter what he does. Even when he makes bad choices." Derek looked at the little girl as he spoke before looking at Stiles, his hand cupping his cheek because Stiles said he /loved/ him. Derek could barely handle this overload of information, but he had to. "Stiles, you would always have the opportunity to finish school. Hell, it would have been easier. Because I know I would want her around, I could have been with her while you were at school. We all could have helped. But your dad is strong, and stubborn and independent. And I missed him."

  • Stiles looked to Derek and the tears of pain and sadness were slowly over taken with a joy that made his heart and stomach flutter just a little as his hands moved to the back of the others head down so he could mold their lips together with a choked sob, the tears running over and down his cheeks. He looked to the other and held tighter to Laura before he shifted to pull back a little and offer Derek to hold the little being they had made. "She may be two years old.. But.. B-But do you wanna hold your daughter for the first time..?" He asked in a small whisper, trying to wipe away at the little drops on his cheeks. Laura looked up to Derek and she made a soft noise before looking up to Stiles in slight confusion before back up to Derek, blinking her hazel eyes in slight confusion. "Papa..?" She asked softly. Stiles looked to Derek and smiled just a little. "She knows about you, you know..? I told her all about her daddy..."

  • Derek easily moved into the kiss, a practice that felt so easy and right to him in a way that he could find himself happy with doing that for the rest of his life. What he didn't like, however, were the tears even though they were happy ones. But there was a toddler in between them, and this promised so much future, there was nothing that could make this better. Until Stiles was offering the little girl to him. Derek nodded quickly, choking on his breath as he heard the quiet words from the little girl because someone in this world was calling him /papa/. Derek smiled at the girl, reaching ous and lifting her into his arms and quickly nuzzled her into his neck, letting her get use to his scent. "Yeah.. Yeah I'm your papa," Derek whispered, his smile growing and the hurt was gone. He can't remember ever feeling this happy in his life. Derek turned to look at Stiles, Laura still pressed against him. "All good things, I hope," Derek chuckled, his free arm moving to wound around Stiles' waist. His family.

  • Stiles smiled and he wiped the drops from his eyes as he slowly looked up to Derek, feeling the others arm around his waist and he felt something in him he hadn't felt in so long, not in three years. He felt complete. He rested his head on Derek's shoulder as he watched Laura nuzzle her little face against Derek's with soft little whimpers and noises as she gripped to him, snuffling against Derek's face. "Papa.." She whispered softly and held more to him. Stiles chuckled softly and wiped his eyes. "All good... There was never any bad..." He said softly and looked to her. "I'm... I'm sorry I never told you..'

Future! Teen wolf. Papa!Derek
  • (Set three years after 3A. Ignore 3B.) Derek had been away for three years. Three whole years. He'd stayed in touch with Scott, just to make sure that the pack was doing okay. According to his last report, everything was fine and the others were okay. And after three years, he was coming home. He knew most of the pack would be pissed for him staying away that long and only talking to Scott, but he had needed the time. After leaving with Cora, they'd settled down in New York and he'd gotten a little job there, enough to support. After Cora left, though, for South America, Derek regressed, and eventually ended up with a surprise. A one-night-stand with an Omega had gifted him with a little baby girl, a spitting image of Laura Hale. The Omega had left, leaving Derek with his new daughter, but he managed. Derek worked hard for two more years, not telling anyone, even Scott, about little Evelyn. He got them settled, helped her grow until she could walk and talk as a two-year-old, then packed up and took the long drive back home. To Beacon Hills. To his pack.

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  • ((Alright. Mine doesn't show my typing, either.))

  • Stiles had definitely missed Derek for the three years he was gone from Beacon Hills, and while the pair had mostly bickered and fought between one another, the boy would not deny the fact that the big, broody male had dug a nice little spot in Stiles' heart. In the three years he had been gone, Stiles had finished highschool, graduated, and got a scholarship for a college nearby. He's currently taking classes their for game development and programming. He couldn't be more happy. Well, maybe if Derek was back, things would feel normal again.

  • Derek pulled up outside Scott's house, knowing that's where the Alpha would be. He looked back in the rearview mirror and smiled to himself, seeing the little girl in his backseat, her pudgy cheek smushed against the side of her car seat. He took a deep breath, quelling his nerves and slipping out of the car. He opened the backseat door and quietly unclipped Evelyn from her car seat, then gently lifted her out of it and held her to his side. "Evie, wake up, we're here," he murmured, closing the door. Three years away from supernatural clusterfucks and having a child he adored had softened him up a bit, making him more like the old Derek. The happier one.

  • Stiles and Derek were currently in Scott's living room, testing out a new game Stiles was currently in the process of making for his final project when Scott's head cocked to the side, listening to the car pull up. He recognized it but... At the same time didn't believe it. "Scott?" Stiles asked curiously when the other stopped playing and stood to walk over to the window. "Scott, what's up?" Stiles paused the game and stood up with him and they were both shocked to see the car outside. And even more to see Derek, Derek with a small child.

  • Derek didn't pay attention to them as they stood in the window, instead walking up to the front door and knocking lightly. Evelyn lifted her head and blinked her big eyes at him, the irises momentarily blinking gold before turning back. It was probably because she smelled Scott, an Alpha, and she wasn't accustomed to the welcoming scent of anyone but her father. "You're okay, Evie. Scott is very nice, just like I told you."

  • Scott scrambled to get to the door while Stiles just stood there, looking out the window to Derek, and the child. A little girl. It took him a moment to process it before he hurried after Scott. Scott opened the door and looked to Derek, the scent of the smaller, foreign wolf hitting his nose and his eyes shine red for a moment before he looked down to her. He cleared his throat softly before offering the other the chance to come inside.

  • Derek nodded, shooting Scott a half-apologetic and half-thankful look. Evelyn picked up on the scents of pack like a moth to a flame, her whole body thrumming with excitement even though she was too young to understand pack. Derek stepped inside and inhaled, letting the scents here calm him down before one hit him. The one belonging to the man in the entrance to the living room. "Stiles."

  • Stiles was looking at Derek, not the little girl in his arms, but Derek. He swallowed a little and sighed shakily before nodding to him. "Derek.." Scott looked to the little girl and he leaned down to scent her slightly, taking in how she smelled like Derek, like pack, and yet so foreign. He made a soft, non-threatening growl to her.

  • Derek didn't take his eyes off of Stiles, though he heard Evelyn growl back, a higher, honestly adorable sound. She followed it with a childish giggle, because he was still two. It was normal. Derek couldn't help it when a smile slipped onto his face, and he looked at his daughter, who seemed relaxed and content, now. And curious as hell.

  • Stiles finally looked to the little girl when Derek's eyes were off him and felt like he was finally able to breathe. He exhaled slowly and didn't know if he should move closer or not while Scott was doing his thing. Scott couldn't help the smile on his lips at the cute little noise that rumbled through the little girl and he shone her eyes at her with a soft chuckle. "What's her name..?" He asked softly.

  • "Evelyn Hale," Derek replied, voice soft as he said it. Derek had always wondered if he'd be a good father, but he figured that he was doing alright. He shifted her a bit, and the little girl yawned, obviously still tired. She leaned back into him, her head resting against his chest as she nodded off again. It had been a long car ride from New York.

  • Scott stood back up when she shifted to curl back into Derek and he looked up to the older before nodding. "Well, come on and sit down then. There's plenty of room and it's uh.. It's good to see you again." He said trying not to be awkward about it, but it wasn't really working. Stiles hadn't really said a thing, but he had come closer, standing next to Scott now and looking to the little girl. He liked kids, as much as it seemed like he wouldn't be that kind if guy, he really liked kids, and she was adorable.

  • Derek nodded, knowing how sudden and awkward this must be. He felt a little bad, but it didn't seem too putting-out. Derek looked back at Stiles, then, something unreadable on his face as he did so. "Hey," he said quietly, not wanting to wake Evelyn again as he spoke.

  • Stiles' head snapped up at the others voice and he swallowed again before waving just a little to the other with a soft, "Hey yourself," in return. He didn't want to feel this awkward around the other it's just, well Derek came back. Derek had a kid. Scott looked between them before looking up to a Derek. "Um, if you want you can go lay her down for a nap, we have a guest room here if you want to stay for a bit." He offered to the other with a small smile.

Sterek fluff
  • You both like Sterek.

  • After a run in with a witch, and a flash if dangerous magic due to a sassy mouth, Stiles was stuck as a two year old child. He had then been made to stay with Derek in the loft, since his dad didn't know about the whole "werewolf/supernatural" schtick. He was currently crying after Erica had taken his favorite blanket and put it somewhere high, using the excuse, "He's a big boy and needs to act like one." He was sitting on the ground, rubbing his fists furiously against his eyes with loud cries of, "Dewek! Dewek!" His little hands would switch between wiping the fat tears and reaching needingly to the shelf, his body draped in one of his normal shirt, which was more like a dress to him now. ((If we lose each other, don't be afraid to message me at, please.))

  • Derek heard the cries of Stiles, he knew he should just finish his shower and let Erica handle it, but it was going straight to his heart remembering when his younger siblings would do exactly the same thing. He sighed softly and washed the shampoo from his hair quickly, and tying a towel around his waist and walking out the door into the living room. "Erica, what are you doing? He's a toddler, with the emotions of one." He told her with an annoyed expression as he picked Stiles up and held him to his chest and grabbed the blanket and handing him his blanket. "It's okay, Stiles. See blanket?" He told him.

  • Stiles looked up to Derek with big, wet brown eyes and a tiny little quivering chin as he was picked up, but when he was given the blanket again, a happy giggle slipped up his throat and his small fists gripped at the soft plush. He huddled against Derek with a happy noice before looking to Erica and sticking his tongue out at her. She growled at the toddler, who then made a soft whimper at the older woman scaring him. Stiles buried his face in Derek's chest to hide from her.

  • Derek held him close again, running a hand down his light brown hair. "Erica, stop it. He's not seventeen anymore, he's two. Stop it." Derek growled out flashing his eyes at him as he pressed his lips to Stiles' forehead and held him closer, cuddling him. He looked down at the boy. "Stiles can I get dressed? I promise Erica won't steal your blanket again." He explained as he looked over at him with a sweet smile, wanting to relax away his upset little pack mate.

  • She backed up a bit and looked away in submission, nodding as the other growled at her. She looked back up to the pair after Derek looked away from her and back to Stiles. Stiles sniffled and looked up tomDerek before he nodded and giggled happily, a small hand reaching up to touch and press at his smiling face and cheeks. He held his blanket close and protective as his sadness and fear melted away against Derek. "Dewek.." He cooed happily.

  • Derek smiled at Stiles and nipped his little fingers teasingly as he nuzzled his face against Stiles' letting him feel his rough stubble. "So, can I put you down Stiles, or am I going to have to figure out to get dressed with you attached to me." He teased as he shifted Stiles so he could adjust his towel, he would rather not flash Erica and Stiles, at this moment. He pressed another kiss to Stiles' forehead.

  • Stiles squealed happily at the feeling of Derek's scratchy stubble against his baby soft skin and he looked back up to him, grabbing his cheeks. "Wit' Dewek." Stiles giggled happily. He was just a baby, having lost his silver tongue and quick wit and been replaced with the vocabulary of a two year old, that was as good as it was going to get. He didn't want to be left with Erica.

  • Derek sighed and turned to Erica. "Erica look I'm just going to take him, You can go home or hang here, alright." Derek told her as he pressed her shoulder gently in a show of affection. He smiled at Stiles and held him closer and yawned a little. He had been pretty annoyed with Stiles and the witches to begin with, but now he kind of liked it. Especially since all Stiles wanted to do was be with Derek and snuggle him, which was a nice change of pace. Thought he would be happy when Stiles went back to normal.

  • Stiles was happily leaned against Derek's chest as he was carried by the larger. He had closed his eyes to relax a little but hearing Derek's yawn in his ears, he opened his eyes and looked up to him before reaching up and touching his cheek lightly. "Nappy time..?" He asked softly, holding his blanket closer to himself. Stiles liked nap time, because usually if he asked right, he could have nap time with Derek, and that was his favorite nap time.

  • Derek nodded as he walked into his bedroom and set Stiles down on his bed and walked to his dresser and pulling out clothes, he knew he should probably dress in the bathroom or you know set Stiles' up and have him sleep in the guest room, but he liked that Stiles would sleep against him and would be quiet and would be there with him in case anything happened. He dropped the towel and got dressed in some comfortable clothes before laying down on his bed. "Yeah, nappy time. Want to sleep with me?" Derek asked as he opened his arms for Stiles to come.

  • Stiles was just a baby, but if he had been his normal seventeen year old self, he would have definitely cat called or something, but if he was, Derek would not be dressing with him in the room. He looked to Derek when he laid in the bed with him and he smiled happily as he crawled over to Derek's side and settled against his chest. "Yeah!" He giggled happily and nuzzled his chest.

  • Derek held Stiles close, and pressed his lips to the two year old's head. "Stiles, do you still have old your memories from when you're older?" He asked as he held closer and grabbed a blanket and wrapped the two of them in the blanket and turned to cuddle into ZStiles, wanting to protect him from everything.

  • Stiles looked up to Derek with eyes that were a little droopy, eyelids slipping to hang down over them as he cuddled against the warmth of Derek's chest. He yawned softly and buried his face against Derek's chest. "Dewek..." He mumbled sleepily, holding to the older male and his blanket. The little boy had vague memories of everyone, pictures, small visions, but he didn't remember them, not really.